GCC Blockchain Conference 2017
Satoshi School First BitCoin only school.
The BitCoin and BitCoin Blockchain are the only full decentralized monetary system who is owned by no one. Smart Contracts since 2010 are the power making money accessible for all people over the world.
Satoshi School is placed in more than 30 countries in the world and teaches groups from 30-100 in two days lesson what decentralization means how the blockchain and smart contracts works and what’s about new technology like tumblebit.
Also the philosophy behind BitCoin and why it is impossible to shutdown the system or stop people from using and changing bitcoin. Satoshi School show companies how to setup their environment on BitCoin Blockchain and why it is not hackable even through quantum computer.
The founder and bitcoin billionaire Joerg Molt started in the mid 90s working on digital money and was from the beginning involved in BitCoin. Today Satoshi School provides 150 charity projects all over the world.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017
The StreamSpace platform is the most progressive video marketplace in the world. The dual blockchain ledger enables both decentralized storage and distribution as well as an instantaneous and transparent payment system that will disrupt today’s oligopolistic streaming content distribution networks.
Our goal is to become the world’s leading destination for curated video content, with a deep catalog that will enable intensely personal viewing experiences and will be financially rewarding to filmmakers and other content creators.
We invite you to join our community at and help us transform the film industry in favor of the creative artists that make films and the fans that seek out innovative content.


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