GCC Blockchain Conference 2017
CLOUT is a blockchain-based platform for the cryptocurrency community. A place where all sorts of information about the space can be accessed and shared. CLOUT leverages blockchain technology as an incentive layer for both users and readers, rewarding them for acting in the platform’s best interests. CLOUT provides users with an intuitive interface based on the familiar social media concept. Users can monetise their crypto-related content, ensuring that the wealth they generate is not diverted to any other individual. On the other hand, readers are financially incentivised to monitor the platform and to curate content, promoting high-quality material and demoting poorly written, inaccurate or plagiarised content. By building CLOUT, they hope to create a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and workers, a place where they can read and learn freely without fear of being misled. Although CLOUT is focusing on the cryptosphere, the open source nature of the project can be leveraged for other communities and ecosystems that may want to benefit from the technology.


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