GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Dr. Sohail Munir
Director – Smart City Enablement Services, Smart Dubai Government

Dr. Sohail Munir is the Director for Smart City Enablement Services at Smart Dubai Government leading multiple emerging technologies and smart government transformation initiatives. He is a seasoned industry professional with over twenty years of entrepreneurial and Program Management experience in the space of Smart City, Safe City, Digital Government Transformation, C4I Systems, IoT, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning. He specialises in Enterprise Architecture for large and complex ICT Systems. Sohail's current R&D insterests are in the space of Digital Government transformation, Blockchain, Digital ID and Digital Payments. At Smart Dubai Government he is leading portfolios for Blockchain, Paperless and Cashless city. He is actively involved in developing policies, legislation and standards for Blockchain in Government, Digital ID & Signature and Digital Payments. His is also working on developing Micro Services Architecture for Smart City Services enabling Open Data and API Economy.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Ahmad Saleh
Partner & Head of Patents & Designs (R&D and Innovations), Al Tamimi & Company

Ahmad Saleh is a Partner & Head of the Patent & Designs (R&D and Innovations) practice at Al Tamimi & Company.
Ahmad is a Canadian attorney and engineer coming with over 12 years of higher education studies in law and engineering and 12 years of western and local experience in Intellectual Property, technology and commercial law in various industries including ICT, computer, software, electrical/electronics, telecommunications, optics, biomedical, mechanical, transport, energy and oil & gas.
Ahmad advises governmental entities in a wide range of innovation related matters including high level innovation strategies, legislative, regulatory, innovation policies, processes, and innovation fostering. Ahmad also assists governmental entities in setting legal frameworks for the implementation and deployment of innovation projects and organisations inside the country.
Ahmad also assists clients in the private sector in a wide range of intellectual property, R&D and innovation related matters, including legal protection of innovations, infringement and invalidation of patents, technology transfer transactions, dispute resolutions including patent litigation, patent portfolio management, and patent drafting and prosecution at a global scheme.
Ahmad is one of the most experienced and recognised patent counsels and innovation specialists in the Middle East. Ahmad is regularly invited to speak in innovation events and has been interviewed on different television channels, newspapers and magazines in relation to innovations, including Dubai TV, Emarat TV, the National, International Bar Association and has extensive publications.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Ismail Mallik
CEO, Blockchain Lab

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Vinod Sharma
Chief Technology Officer, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

My name is Vinod Sharma. I work as financial technologist – FinTech Expert. I am a passionate self learner of Artificial Intelligence at aggressive pace (very confident about start going much deeper in it i.e. at Machine Learning and then finally at Deep Learning level) . I really wants to bring AI benefits to the real world to help consumers & businesses. Have worked in the vinod-15-feb-2017-copymobile payments for merchants & billers domain, traditional payments, Cross Border Remittances (On mobile), e-commerce payments and mobile financial services (MFS). I started my career in IT later moved into Telecoms and finally migrated to Financial Technology Services. I have provided my insights and product knowledge to various initiatives across four continents. I currently holds executive role in the Financial Technology space based in Harare Zimbabwe (Works as CTO with one of the largest mobile network operator’s owned Financial Services). In the past I helped the founding and set-up of several start-up business units & department. There is only one goal for me; create values for societies, communities & industry by innovating and building mutually beneficial products, values, businesses and the World.
Led start ups & new business units successfully at local and international levels with Hands-on Engineering & Business Strategy. Extensive experience at Sr. Management Level in solution designing & architecture, Planning, Technical Operations, Software Development, Combining Computer Science with Visual & Practical Product Design, Operating Strategy to maintains high standards & executive decision making. Implemented Engineering strategy focused on technology brands. Always bring forward innovative ideas but preference is given to info-security, privacy and agile environment. Strategize with C-Level management. Coach, Manage and Develop Engineering teams. Develop a new disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
My experience is blended with domains like Telecom & IT Networks, Prepaid charging & Postpaid billing (IN, OCS & CVBS), Mobile data charging, Mobile Financial Services and Value added services for over 17 years in total. Through out I mentored & supervised several projects on software development, deployments & integrations of platforms like Micro Insurance, Loans, Savings, NFC, Electronic Payments, Mobile Payments, Mobile Commerce & Marketing and Stored Value Applications & Cards.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Bilal Husain
Founder and CEO, Digital Transformation

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Max Di Gregorio
Partner – Digital and Technology Consulting Lead FS Middle East, PwC

Max is a consulting Partner in the Digital and Technology Practice at PwC Middle East where he holds the position of regional FinTech leader. He has served numerous clients across Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East covering primarily the banking and insurance industries. He is a trusted advisor to CxOs and IT executive teams on topics including digital and technology strategy, payments, core banking transformation, operations automation, planning and mobilization of large scale IT transformations.

Recent examples of Max’s client work include:
• Digital strategy and transformation for the transaction banking unit of a major banking group in the UAE
• Digital attacker strategy for a primary bank in Europe
• Payments hub design at a major Russian bank
• Digital channels and front-office transformation at a leading Turkish bank
• Middle and back-office automation program in a primary European bank
• IT strategy for a primary financial services institution in Western Europe

Prior to joining PwC Max was a Digital and Technology Strategy Managing Director at Accenture. Max holds a Master degree with honors in Electronic Engineering.


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