GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Dr. Sohail Munir
Director – Smart City Enablement Services, Smart Dubai Government

Dr. Sohail Munir is the Director for Smart City Enablement Services at Smart Dubai Government leading multiple emerging technologies and smart government transformation initiatives. He is a seasoned industry professional with over twenty years of entrepreneurial and Program Management experience in the space of Smart City, Safe City, Digital Government Transformation, C4I Systems, IoT, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning. He specialises in Enterprise Architecture for large and complex ICT Systems. Sohail's current R&D insterests are in the space of Digital Government transformation, Blockchain, Digital ID and Digital Payments. At Smart Dubai Government he is leading portfolios for Blockchain, Paperless and Cashless city. He is actively involved in developing policies, legislation and standards for Blockchain in Government, Digital ID & Signature and Digital Payments. His is also working on developing Micro Services Architecture for Smart City Services enabling Open Data and API Economy.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Evgeny XATA
CEO, CyberTrust S.A.

Evgeny XATA is Oxford University graduate. Prior experience includes The Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Salomon Brothers.

Evgeny successfully co-founded and sold to investors three ventures. Together with partners Evgeny built three ventures from zero, including:
1) an investment banking and brokerage operation in Ukraine, total book value of over $150 million USD;
2) the largest digital book publisher in Russia with combined sales 1.5 billion rubles;
3) an integrated oil company in the Russian Far East, sold in 2014.

Mr. Xata has been an active investor in the crypto sphere since 2014. He has a strong interest in economics, arbitrage, traveling, cooking and thai boxing.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Mohammad Ziad AlHawari
Managing Director & Executive Board Member, Takaful Emarat

Mohammad Alhawari belongs to a young generation of accomplished UAE Nationals. He currently serves as Executive Board Member & Managing Director of Takaful Emarat Insurance (P.S.C). In his role, Mohammad has worked closely with the Senior Management team on strategically positioning Takaful Emarat as a leader in the takaful insurance space. Mohammad has also spearheaded the implementation of the Company’s digital strategy, which entails the digitization of its products and services, and refreshing the brand vision to incorporate a digital customer-centric approach, thus placing Takaful Emarat at the forefront of insurance innovation.

Mohammad brings with him a wealth of experience, having held senior positions at Citibank, Dubai Holding, and most recently at Mubadala-GE Capital where he was selected to join GE’s Experience Commercial Leadership Program, Class of 2015 (ECL). Mohammad currently also serves as a Board Member & Chairman of the Audit Committee at Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC, and is a Board Member at Al Ain University of Science and Technology.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Bilal Husain
Founder and CEO, Digital Transformation

After holding different public sector positions, Bilal have moved back to his entrepreneurial spirit and founded a new startup Digital Transformation LLC, focusing on blockchain and cybersecurity. Now fully dedicated in this line of work and working with wide network of leaders to explore the applications of blockchain for both public and private industries as well as lobbying for any potential legislative and policies that might require to be amended or created. While at the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Bilal worked as an Advisor for the Minister as well as managing multiple operational roles. He was the first acting Deputy Minister for Shared Services at MEP, a newly developing concept at public sector for combining much of back office services into a single unit. Shared Services consisted of Finance and Admin, HR, IT, PMO and General Services.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Waleed Saeed Al Dhuhoori
Head of Corporate Applications and the Deputy in Smart Government Committee, Dubai Health Authority

Waleed Saeed Al Dhuhoori is the Head of Corporate Applications and the Deputy in Smart Government Committee at Dubai Health Authority. Waleed Saeed Al Dhuhoori handles smart Transformation of services, system development, smart services and smart applications with more than 11 years of experience. and involved in forming DHA Smart Transformation strategy. In addition to that, he is in DHA team that works with Smart Dubai Government on blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence strategies for Dubai Health Authority. Waleed Saeed Al Dhuhoori has seven years of experience in Smart Dubai Government strategy for service automation, user engagement and improving user experience through smart services and smart applications.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Ahmad Saleh
Partner & Head of Patents & Designs (R&D and Innovations), Al Tamimi & Company

Ahmad Saleh is a Partner & Head of the Patent & Designs (R&D and Innovations) practice at Al Tamimi & Company.
Ahmad is a Canadian attorney and engineer coming with over 12 years of higher education studies in law and engineering and 12 years of western and local experience in Intellectual Property, technology and commercial law in various industries including ICT, computer, software, electrical/electronics, telecommunications, optics, biomedical, mechanical, transport, energy and oil & gas.
Ahmad advises governmental entities in a wide range of innovation related matters including high level innovation strategies, legislative, regulatory, innovation policies, processes, and innovation fostering. Ahmad also assists governmental entities in setting legal frameworks for the implementation and deployment of innovation projects and organisations inside the country.
Ahmad also assists clients in the private sector in a wide range of intellectual property, R&D and innovation related matters, including legal protection of innovations, infringement and invalidation of patents, technology transfer transactions, dispute resolutions including patent litigation, patent portfolio management, and patent drafting and prosecution at a global scheme.
Ahmad is one of the most experienced and recognised patent counsels and innovation specialists in the Middle East. Ahmad is regularly invited to speak in innovation events and has been interviewed on different television channels, newspapers and magazines in relation to innovations, including Dubai TV, Emarat TV, the National, International Bar Association and has extensive publications.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Daren Frankel
Senior Technology Analyst, ConsenSys

In February 2017 Daren joined ConsenSys, one of the largest independent blockchain technology firms globally and the Dubai Blockchain City Advisor, as a senior technology analyst.
As part of the ConsenSys team, Daren specializes in delivering enterprise advisory and technology services for clients in government, financial services, and other sectors. Daren also plays a key role in supporting the Smart Dubai Office with their mandate to implement the city-wide blockchain strategy 2020 announced in October 2016 by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.
Prior to joining ConsenSys, Daren spent 3 years with Deloitte in the United States as a business technology analyst and consultant. Daren started his career at Deloitte working closely with Fortune 500 clients to implement Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Later, as part of Deloitte’s Global Blockchain team, he served as a technology advisor to leading U.S. companies in the financial services, retail & distribution, and government sectors while concurrently helping to build the U.S. blockchain team.
Daren graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Gianfrancesco Martinico
Director in Digital & Technology Consulting Middle East, PwC

Gianfrancesco is a Senior Director in the Financial Services Digital and Technology practice at PwC Middle East ,with broad experience across digital banking, agile transformation, operations automation, payments, FinTech, Blockchain, business and system integration. He was involved in several banking and insurance transformation projects leveraging digital as change enabler. He is a trusted advisor to FS CxOs and executive teams, and he has worked with multiple banking clients across Europe, Russia and Middle East.
Gianfrancesco has also exposure with Telco industry in digital and value added services.
Prior to joining PwC Gianfrancesco was a Senior Manager at Accenture Strategy Europe.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Benjamin Bilski
Founder & Executive Director, The NAGA Group

Benjamin Bilski is a serial entrepreneur and former professional swimmer. At the age of 21 he co-founded angelplatz.de, one of Germany´s leading e-commerce shop for fishing equipment. During his entrepreneurial career he studied and graduated from EBS University as M.Sc. in Management. Benjamin Bilski is strongly technology-focused and has a deep understanding of eCommerce, finance, mobile and affiliate-based models.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Vinod Sharma
Chief Technology Officer, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

My name is Vinod Sharma. I work as financial technologist – FinTech Expert. I am a passionate self learner of Artificial Intelligence at aggressive pace (very confident about start going much deeper in it i.e. at Machine Learning and then finally at Deep Learning level) . I really wants to bring AI benefits to the real world to help consumers & businesses. Have worked in the vinod-15-feb-2017-copymobile payments for merchants & billers domain, traditional payments, Cross Border Remittances (On mobile), e-commerce payments and mobile financial services (MFS). I started my career in IT later moved into Telecoms and finally migrated to Financial Technology Services. I have provided my insights and product knowledge to various initiatives across four continents. I currently holds executive role in the Financial Technology space based in Harare Zimbabwe (Works as CTO with one of the largest mobile network operator’s owned Financial Services). In the past I helped the founding and set-up of several start-up business units & department. There is only one goal for me; create values for societies, communities & industry by innovating and building mutually beneficial products, values, businesses and the World.
Led start ups & new business units successfully at local and international levels with Hands-on Engineering & Business Strategy. Extensive experience at Sr. Management Level in solution designing & architecture, Planning, Technical Operations, Software Development, Combining Computer Science with Visual & Practical Product Design, Operating Strategy to maintains high standards & executive decision making. Implemented Engineering strategy focused on technology brands. Always bring forward innovative ideas but preference is given to info-security, privacy and agile environment. Strategize with C-Level management. Coach, Manage and Develop Engineering teams. Develop a new disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
My experience is blended with domains like Telecom & IT Networks, Prepaid charging & Postpaid billing (IN, OCS & CVBS), Mobile data charging, Mobile Financial Services and Value added services for over 17 years in total. Through out I mentored & supervised several projects on software development, deployments & integrations of platforms like Micro Insurance, Loans, Savings, NFC, Electronic Payments, Mobile Payments, Mobile Commerce & Marketing and Stored Value Applications & Cards.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Ismail Mallik
CEO, Blockchain Lab

Ismail Malik is an ICO strategist and chairman of Blockchain Lab in London, UK. Blockchain Lab acts a specialized crypto development project partner for existing DLT projects. The Lab has a strong focus on R & D, primarily researching, secure embedded smart contract trusted execution environments on the Ethereum, Bitcoin and Corda blockchains. He is also an editor in chief of ICO Crowd, Worlds first publication for the ICO industry.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Eugenio Alongi
Marketing Communication Director, SONM

Marketing Communication Director at SONM. My mission is to revolutionize the world of computing, bringing flexible and decentralized solution, in a word "SONM". Has previously worked as Marketing Director at Russian Standard and CEO at Mycelium.com. Learned how to build strong brands in Procter & Gamble, he is now applying his skills to shape the future of innovative companies.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Fadwa Mohanna
Co-Founder, miCity

Serial entrepreneur FADWA MOHANNA is the founder of micity, which addresses citizens’ concerns in their routine interactions with government entities or large corporations and makes them cost-efficient, seamless, highly secure and enjoyable by harnessing the powers of the latest technologies including biometrics, IoT, AI and Blockchain.
An engineer by training, Fadwa holds an MBA from ESA. She was key in launching large telecom operations in various countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates and has an extensive experience in building large networks using the latest technologies. She is highly active in the Women’s Entrepreneurs Community where the topics of AI, Data Analytics, Chatbots and Blockchain are high on the agenda.
micity is the creator of innovative and integrated digital platform which enables convenient, smart, secure and cost-efficient interactions between citizens and government entities or large corporations resulting in happier citizen experience. micity is on a mission is to extend the capabilities across UAE and globally; And Blockchain is an ideal environment to make this possible. The main reason to choose a blockchain based technology is to be able to create an ecosystem with various government authorities and enterprises to participate and exchange information in efficient and secure manner. Hence, micity is in a sweet spot to solve the identity management complexity over blockchain by providing a perfect match of digital and physical attributes of citizens. This results in great efficiencies to banks, airports, government etc.
Every business and social transaction is carried out by people. People are known by their identities. Hence, identity drives every business and social interaction.
micity is the creator of “micity Concierge” and “micity Ki”, the building blocks of a citizen access platform, a highly secure identity management and authentication gateway, which enables convenient, smart, secure and cost-efficient interactions between citizens and government entities or large corporations resulting in happier citizen experience.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Karim D.J. Stadelmann
Chief Security Officer, Komodo Platform

In his mid-twenties Karim Stadelmann has already achieved more than anybody would have expected. Born in northern Africa and growing up in Austria, his passion for IT showed up early in young age. After graduating from a high school with focus on informatics he decided to study IT and economics in Germany and Vienna, knowing that this two areas are indivisibly connected. After university, he gained practical experience in IT security and network development while working for the government in the Operations security- sector. In 2011, he decided to move over to the opensource and blockchain area as a freelancer. With just 21 years Karim launched his first startup, which he sold three years later. In this time, he joined several cryptographic and opensource projects concentrated on IT related security and intrusion detection systems. The cooperation with the Komodo core developer started in 2016, since that he proofed his ITSEC skills and was therefore announced as their Chief Security Officer.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Joerg Molt
CEO, Satoshi School

Jörg Molt is one of the few experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a coach, speaker and consultant, he is indeed one of the more reputable specialists in Europe. He advises renowned companies and institutions from many different industries all over the world on how to implement digitalisation processes. As a solo miner and member of an Antminer network, he has helped create key structures, building up capital and fixed assets in Bitcoin from the very outset. By generally developing Smart Contracts based on the local blockchain, he founded a holding company to act as an agent between users and manufacturers. Together with other experts, this resulted in the “Satoshi Competence School”. Jörg Molt delights his audiences with his humour and clear explanations, using practical examples to demonstrate how (r)evolutionary technology can be applied.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Jen Buakaew
Head of Marketing & Investment, CLOUT Network

Crypto Marketing and Investment expert with experience in managing ICOs Direct Marketing and Sales & investment of cryptocurrencies. Leading personality, globally known as “Crypto Jen”, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets.
Jen is passionate about leveraging Crypto and Blockchain driven solutions to make a global impact and empower individuals to live life to the fullest.
Jen is also well known as the first female Crypto public figure within the Crypto & Blockchain space.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Nitesh Chopra
CFO, AgtToken

Nitesh is a young and dynamic general management professional who has handled global assignments across a diverse spectrum of industries ranging from Boiler Manufacturing to Aerospace to Auto-Ancillary, Real Estate and Media. During his stint as a Management Consultant & Investment Banker he had been instrumental in steering over a dozen mid-market companies in India to a considerable growth. Nitesh has been associated with Global corporations like Honeywell and Houlihan Smith Inc. Samachar Jagat in responsible capacities. He successfully ventured as an Entrepreneur in the Real Estate and Advt. Media segment. His core strength lies in creating & nurturing strategic growth opportunities for emerging business groups. With AGT he is in the core team to formulate strategies for market entry and consolidation.
Since the past couple of years Nitesh has been involved in conceptualization of projects related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He has co-founded Valuebit.com - a Crypto- Exchange headquartered in Singapore and India, which provides secondary markets (conversion to Fiat currency) for leading cryptocurrencies of the world.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Mohan
Founder, Blockchain Hub Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Techno Legal Experts,Blockchain Enthusiast,Founder of IT firm C.B.Online,Digital Marketing Firm(The Seocompanyusa),Legal consulting firm ( Finlaw consultancy) & founder of Blockchainhub consulting.More than 17years of IT & Legal industry expertise.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Evgeny Kaplin
Co-founder and CEO, ModulTrade Ltd

Evgeny Kaplin is the Co-founder and CEO of ModulTrade Ltd, a UK based startup.
Evgeny has a successful track record of more than 17 years in global trade finance and payment businesses along with Strategic consulting experience. He held leadership executive positions at Sberbank, Cargill, McKinsey and Gazprom. Evgeny launched and ran active and successful operations in key financial and trading hubs, including Singapore, Geneva and London. These operations covered, among others, the design, build and run of a highly profitable, world class, global trade finance platform for a major European bank.
Evgeny is a MIT graduate, with a focus on Blockchain technology as game changer of future commerce.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Sergei Mitrofánov
Investment Director, Portfolio Business Development and Branding, Pulsar VC

Sergei Mitrofánov have an over 20 years experience of business development as a hired manager, creator and mentor. He has a portfolio of the projects in Russia, France, Sweden, Ukraine, India, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the USA and Georgia behind, covering various economic and business areas.
His Areas of interest: entrepreneurship and business strategy, branding, executive education, customer experience, start-ups.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Eduard Gurinovich
CEO, Mytime

Eduard Gurinovich - tech startup investor and founder of CarPrice, which attracted $80 million from key industry investors in Eastern Europe and opened more than 50 offices in Russia, Japan, India and Brazil.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Draško Jocić
Founder and CEO, GOLDEA

He has a significant knowledge in managing project development activities and operations in the mining industry. He worked actively with developers and geologists where he assumed responsibilities of project analysis and implementation in West Africa for foreign investors. Recently, he contributed to launching of two mid-scale gold mining operations in Mali with annual output +30,000 Au ounces. During 9 years of work abroad, he leveraged on the versatile knowledge from mining, logistics and modern economics while working with industry leaders. Co-founder of Rex Metal and Cyprom Resources. He is passionate in identifying the undiscovered inefficiencies and leveraging on their optimization.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Joshua Hawley

Joshua Hawley- is a Blockchain and ICO advisor based between Mauritius and Uganda. His primary interest lies in the logistics of marrying traditional asset classes with blockchain technology. He is a blockchain enthusiast advising startups and established companies on how to couple their brick and mortar businesses with the advantages of blockchain technology. He is currently involved in blockchain projects in Dubai, SE Asia, USA, Mauritius, and NGO remittance projects in Uganda. He studied Quantum Consciousness under Dr. Ravi Gomatam in Berkeley California at the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Joshua counts quantum computing as one of his many interests, and looks forward to the days when quantum computing and blockchain unite to create an entirely new value paradigm for all. He is married and has four children.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers NAKUL SHAH
Director, Sate Development

Nakul is the Founder and Director of Sate Development - India's leading Bitcoin/Blockchain Company. He is a regular speaker at conferences and Summits globally, on various topics covering Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and is a longtime creative thought leader in financial markets and innovation. His portfolio includes UK based social validation platform built on blockchain, Indian cryptocurrency exchange and hosted mining service, Singapore domiciled blockchain based infrastructure financing platform, Canadian security firm using distributed ledger technology, US based travel and eCommerce portal powered by crypto tokens, and many more.
Nakul has multiple years of experience in research, development and deployment of solutions using Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Besides creating enterprise solutions, he also provides training, consultancy and development services for Bitcoin and blockchain, helping clients de-mystify the technology and understand how organizations can leverage its key features. In addition to authoring research reports on crypto technology and developing PoCs for banks and governments globally, Nakul has assisted HNIs and companies in establishing bitcoin exchanges, wallets, mining farms, mining pools and hosted mining services. Nakul actively works with companies across UK, USA, Canada and Asia in developing and launching ICOs.
Nakul has played a significant role in the adoption and application of technology. He started his career at State Street Corporation in Boston, which is the biggest and oldest provider of mutual fund, pension processing and asset custody services. He initiated the use of advanced statistical and technical tools in the field of socially responsible investment while conducting research on a $170 Billion portfolio. Nakul also served as an integral part of the wealth management team at Charles River Development, whose software supports over $25 Trillion in assets. Playing a critical role in the development and marketing of CRD’s wealth solution that was sold to a leading financial institution in USA, he helped quadruple the firm’s largest annual contract value. While executing independent consulting assignments, he advised a leading sustainability firm on the policies of several Fortune500 companies. As part of CSR, Nakul does pro bono wor k as a mentor at Startupbootcamp - Mumbai.
Nakul i s t rained in Bi tcoin and Blockchain from South Africa and holds a Masters degree in Financial Engineering from The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Paul Griffiths
Bank4you Group

Entrepreneurial executive with strong start up/scale up experience. Mentor at Toucan boutique venture capital fund. Specialties: fast growth, fund raising (VC/PE, Bank, IPO), blockchain, crypto currencies & ICO.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Jonathan Chou
Co-founder & CEO, Bee Token

Jonathan ​Chou ​is ​a ​serial ​entrepreneur, ​helping ​out ​with ​family ​businesses ​since ​the ​age ​of 15 ​that ​were ​eventually ​sold ​to ​Sun ​Chemical ​and ​3M. ​Most ​recently, ​Jonathan ​was ​a ​lead ​at Uber, ​Security ​& ​Fraud ​division, ​managing ​device ​tampering ​and ​preventing ​account takeovers. ​

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Robert Binning
CEO, Streamspace

Robert Binning is an active cryptocurrency enthusiast who was introduced to blockchain technology through mining bitcoin back in 2012. Robert has contributed to the success and sustainability of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and continues to mine transactions on multiple chains today. Before cofounding StreamSpace in 2016, Robert experimented with how distributed storage networks can be leveraged to improve the performance of various different multimedia applications. Robert attended the University of Texas, is an active member of the National Eagle Scout Association, and enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and alpine skiing.

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Igor Chugunov
CEO, Credits

Igor Chugunov has 12 years in business, including IT fintech projects, bank and credit e-services, affiliate marketing company for banks and PDL companies. Two years experience with blockchain business. Working with CREDITS platform since 2016.​

GCC Blockchain Conference 2017 speakers Angela Morrison
Rock Expansion Middle East

Angela Morrison is a serial entrepreneur, start up enthusiast and small business expansion specialist. Currently heading up Rock Expansion Middle East and having spent the last 3 years based between Dubai and Kuwait, she now focuses solely on helping international blockchain start ups expand, incubate, accelerate and raise investment from the region.


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